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Here are some common questions with answers.

Q: Elements on the page does not not show properly. What should I do?

A: This may be caused because active scripting is deactivated in your browser.:

           To activate active scripting:

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Choose Internet Options
  3. Click on the Security tab.
  4. Click on Custom level.
  5. Scroll down through the list until you find Scripting > Active scripting
  6. Choose Enable.
  7. Press Ctrl+F5 to update the page. 
    Please contact us if enabling active scripts does not help. We will be thankful if you can provide information about your browser.  

Q:  I cannot watch video. What should I do?

A: There are three things that may be the reason for this:

    1. Your browser is outdated.

    2. You are on a network that blocks video.

        Restrictions on video and other internet components are common for some workplaces and hospitals.

        Conctact your local IT department.

    3. You are on a low-speed network.

        Networks operating at low speed may have problems playing video from

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