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Prognosis of anal cancer

For all stages combined, survival after 5 years is 60-65%. The prognosis is poorer for more advanced tumor growth (T3-T4). Around 40-50% percent of the patients have T3-T4/N+ disease at the time of diagnosis. 

Rectal function in some patients will change. The degree of sphincter destruction primarily from tumor infiltration and intensity of radiation therapy will be of influence. The most common symptom is varying degrees of incontinence, urgency for bowel movements and diarrhea. Women and also often men will be sterile after irradiation since the gonads are in (for women) or near (for men) the radiation field.  


Five-year relative survival for patients with cancer in the anal canal, in percent, during the diagnosis period 1979–2013 (statistical material for the period 1974-1978 are missing).

Source: Cancer Registry of Norway


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