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Follow-up care after treatment of bile duct/gallbladder cancer

Patients who have completed treatment intended to cure primary bile duct cancer should be followed-up every 3 months for the first year, thereafter every 6 months. The frequency and duration of follow-up is individual and based on the treatment modality. In patients having a non-curative treatment, the frequency should be according to the needs of the patient.   

Follow-up of the patient should take place at the treatment center. After one year, if geographical conditions require, the follow-up can be performed at the patient's local hospital. Tests performed at follow-up:

  • CT scan of liver (3 phase), possibly MRI
  • Ultrasound of the liver, possibly with contrast
  • MRCP, possibly ERCP
  • CT scan of thorax
  • Blood tests (liver tests and cancer markers, among others). Cancer markers (CEA, CA 19-9, AFP)  may provide postoperative prognostic information in patients who had raised levels before treatment.

Transplant patients are included in Oslo University Hospital's separate follow-up arrangement after the transplant.

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