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Cystoscopy with photodynamic diagnostics (PDD)


  • Prepare instruments for sterile catheterization. 
  • Prepare the hexaminolevulinate solution. The hexaminolevulinate powder is mixed together with fluid to prepare a solution. Each glass bottle of powder contains 85 mg of hexaminolevulinate in the form of 100 mg hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride.
  • Transfer 50 ml of the solution to a sterile 50 ml syringe. Add about 5 ml of the fluid to the glass bottle containing the powder.
  • Carefully shake the bottle to dissolve the powder.
  • Transfer the solution back to the 50 ml syringe and carefully mix. 
  • Add about 5 ml of the solution from the syringe to the glass bottle again and then aspirate the solution, repeating two more times. Check to make sure all the powder is transferred to the syringe.  
  • The final solution should be clear, colorless, or light yellow.
  • The solution should not be stored for more than two hours after mixing.
  • It is recommended to dispose of any unused solution.

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