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Cystoscopy with photodynamic diagnostics (PDD)


  • About one hour before cystoscopy:
    • Insert the disposable catheter by sterile procedure 
    • Empty the bladder
    • 50 ml the hexaminolevulinate solution is instilled in the bladder via the catheter 
    • The patient should keep the fluid in for about 60 minutes before emptying the bladder 
    • After emptying the bladder, cystoscopy with fluorescing light should be initiated within 60 minutes
  • The patient should be brought from the urology department where the solution was instilled to the operating room for cystoscopy. 
  • Cystoscopy with or without general anesthesia:
    • The cystoscopy instrument is inserted into the bladder via the urethra. 
    • Examine the changes in the bladder urothelium by examining the patient with the help of white and blue light. During the examination with blue light, any changes will emerge as a colored area in the bladder. 
    • If needed, biopsies are taken from suspect areas under white light.

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