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Utskriftsdato 6.7.2020

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

In most cases, patients with early breast cancer have no symptoms and their disease is discovered through mammography screening.

The following symptoms may be caused by breast cancer:

  • A palpable mass in the breast
  • A palpable mass in the axilla
  • An ulcer of the skin of the breast
  • Skin or nipple inversion or a nipple pointing in abnormal direction
  • Skin discoloration where underlying abscess is not the most probable diagnosis
  • Eczema-like changes on or around areola
  • Skin thickening/peau d`orange of unknown etiology
  • Nipple discharge or blood-containing secretion

Breast cancer in young women is quite rare. Changes in breasts of women under 35 are often caused by hormones and vary with the menstrual cycle. These can disappear spontaneously, so it is recommended to observe for 1-2 months/menstruation cycles before an assessment is made.