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Clinical mammography

Patients are referred for clinical mammography with breast symptoms and for suspicious result at mammography screening. 

The examination is performed at a diagnostic center for breast cancer with a radiologist present.

The radiologist will decide based on the image diagnostics and/or the clinical profile if there is need for supplementary examinations (supplementary mammography, ultrasound, intervention, MRI).

Mammography screening

Systematic organized mammography examination of women to discover breast cancer at an early stage.

The Norwegian Mammography Programmme became nationwide from February 2004, and offered women between the ages 50-69 two-dimensional mammography of each breast every second year. This program is quality-controlled enforcing European guidelines for mammography screening.

Special conditions for mammography screening

  • Women with implants ( silicone prosthesis) are invited even if the diagnostics are less certain in case of prosthesis.
  • Women with hereditary cancer risk are entitled to mammography every year till 60 years of age according to the national procedures. The department of medical genetics will decide the claim for annual examination.
  • Women operated for breast cancer shall be followed up for 10 years according to the schedule of NBCG. Subsequent to mastectomy the patient may after 50 years of age participate in the Mammography program and be referred to clinical mammography biannualy. After 10 years all patients above 50 years of age should be offered participation in the Mammography program similarly to those without breast cancer. Patients, who after 10 years have not reached the age of screening, should continue with clinical mammography until they may participate in the Mammography program.
  • Ultrasound examination is not included in the mammography program even not for women with implants.

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