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  • The examination is performed standing or sitting if necessary.
  • Under graded compression of the breast, X-ray images are taken in two planes. This is done bilaterally.
  • Compression may be uncomfortable.
  • If necessary, additional pictures are taken.

In women with silicone implants:

  • The breast is fixed, but with less compression.
  • Images are taken with a modified technique.
  • Clinical mammography is most often supplemented with ultrasound.

Examples of mammography images

  Horisontal plane. No pathology.

  Vertical plane. No pathology.

  Horisontal plane. Suspect lesion.

  Vertical plane. Suspect lesion.

Mammography may be supplemented with ultrasound to increase the diagnostic precision, especially with clinically palpable tumors and uncertain mammography findings. Ultrasound alone is not suitable for examination of the whole breast.

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