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Stereotactic-guided Core Biopsy


The procedure is performed aseptically.

  • The patient lies in the prone, lateral, or sitting position.
  • The breast is fixed.
  • The lesion is localized by means of X-ray images from two angles.
  • The stereotactic apparatus is mounted.
  • The breast is disinfected and local anesthetic is applied.
  • The biopsy equipment is prepared.
  • 5-6 biopsies are usually taken with slightly different positions of the needle.
  • For a calcium containing lesion, the biopsies are put on a piece of X-ray film and X-rayed to determine whether the samples are representative.
  • The area of puncture is compressed after the biopsy is taken.
  • Patients on anticoagulants are observed for 30 minutes after the procedure.  This is also done if the examination is done with a vacuum technique.
  • The incision is bandaged.

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