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Mastectomy with Primary Implant


Reconstruction with a simple implant is preferred to reconstruction using the patients own tissue. For patients who will later have radiation therapy, radiation therapy can make the cosmetic outcome some worse, but nevertheless we consider reconstruction with an simple implant to be preferred to own tissue reconstruction.

There can be used an expanding implant which can be changed for a permanent implant later or there can be used a permanent implant immediately.  By using an expanding implant, a collapsed implant is placed and gradually filled with saline through a syringe, weekly in the time after surgery.


Primary reconstruction with implant can be offered to patients who need to remove the breast of medical reasons or who themselves wants to remove the breast (mastectomy). The patient must be a non-smoker and other health premises may also be appropriate to have a implant reconstruction.


To carry out reconstruction of a breast in the same operation as the mastectomy.

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