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Palliative Radiation Treatment of Breast Cancer


  • Most often, 10 fractions of 3 Gy are used for palliative purposes.
  • Painful skeletal metastases may be alternatively treated with 8 Gy x 1. In studies, it has been shown to be as effective for pain reduction as 3 Gy x 10, but is thought to give less re- mineralisation of bone than 3 Gy x 10. The treatment with 8 Gy x 1 is most often given to patients with assumed short life expectancy when rapid symptom reduction and short treatment time is the most important. This treatment may be repeated for recurrent pains.
  • Risk for fracture of the spine and long bones are usually given 3 Gy x 10. For localized spread 2 Gy x 25 may be relevant. Operative fixation should be considered prior to radiation therapy for patients with good general status.
  • For multiple brain metastases, 3 Gy x 10 towards the entire brain is administered.
  • For 1-2 brain metastases up to 2 cm, resection may be considered followed by radiation therapy 3 Gy x 10 towards the entire brain (or stereotactic treatment). Postoperative radiation treatment starts when the operation area is totally healed, usually after 2-4 weeks. One may also consider referring the patient for treatment with stereotactic radiation.

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