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  • Fasting or change of diet is not necessary.
  • The colon is emptied the day of the examination with enema, possibly with two Toilax® tablets the day before and enema directly prior.
  • If the patient uses anticoagulants and it is necessary to take biopsies or slinging polyps (usually), the patients should consult their doctor to ensure the safety of taking a break in the medication according to the following rules:
    • Plavix® and equivalent antiplatelet is not to be discontinued if they have been in use < 1 year, otherwise stop may be considered.
    • Pradaxa®, Xarelto® and Eliquis® must be stopped two days before the examination, earlier if renal impairment.
    • Restarted after two days if a sling resection or another examination that can cause bleeding is performed.
    • Marevan® (warfarin) is stopped five days before the examination. INR is measured an hour before the procedure and should be below 1,8. If the patient has a high risk of thrombosis (heart valve and others) low molecular weight heparin must be considered. Start with double dose of Marevan® (warfarin) the same evening.
    • Albyl-E® (Acetylsalicylic Acid) can be continued.
    • Any other medications in the morning can be taken as usual.

If it is contraindicated to discontinuate (for example dual antiplatelet agent), and there is an indication to perform the examination as soon as possible, a tailored program should be made in collaboration with the general practitioner and possibly a cardiologist/haematologist.

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