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Hartmann's Operation of colorectal cancer


  • The patient may be mobilized as early as possible.
  • The patient may begin to drink and eat on the first postoperative day.
  • The drain is removed when there is no longer fresh blood - usually on the 2nd–3rd day.
  • The bladder catheter is removed as soon as possible. Because the surgery often causes temporary bladder paralysis it may have to stay for about one week.  
  • The epidural catheter is removed usually after 2–3 days and the patient obtains an oral analgesic.

Complications from surgery


  • Cardiopulmonary complications depend on patient general health status, the duration of the surgery, and extent.
  • Complications from stoma may occur.
  • Possible infection in the pelvis can perforate the rectal stump, and empty through the stump.

Damage to the autonomous nerves in the pelvis may cause:

  • bladder paralysis—often temporary
  • erection and ejaculation problems
  • vaginal dryness


  • Ventral hernia in the abdominal incision and peristomal hernias may occur.
  • Postoperative ileus occurs in about 5% regardless of radiation treatment.
  • Stomal prolapse occurs relatively rarely.


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