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Surgery for locally advanced colon cancer


  • The patient may be mobilized as early as possible.
  • The patient may start to eat and drink on the first postoperative day.
  • Bladder catheter is removed on the first postoperative day or when the patient is mobilized.
  • The drain is removed when there is no longer fresh blood, usually after 2-3 days.
  • The epidural catheter is removed usually after 2-3 days and the patient is given oral analgesic.
  • The time of discharge depends on what type of resection is performed and possible complications.

Complications from surgery 


  • Cardiopulmonary complications depend on the patient general health status, operation length and extensiveness.
  • In a colon resection, postoperative mortality is 0-2%.
  • Leakage from the bladder/urether can occur.
  • Anastomosis leakage can occur.


  • Ventral hernias in the abdominal wound can occur
  • Postoperative ileus can occur.  
  • Functional handicaps depend on which organs are resected.

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