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Esophageal dilatation


Esophageal dilatation is for patients who have undergone an esophagus resection where anastomosis is made between the remainder of the esophagus and stomach. Scar tissue around the anastomosis often leads to a shrinking in the passage making it painful to swallow. 

Dilatation is usually performed 6 weeks after the operation and it is common to repeat the procedure 6-8 times.

The procedure is carried out using a gastroscope, which is a flexible tube equipped with a camera on the end, light system, and one or two work canals. Using this, the mucosa can be inspected and the images are transferred to a monitor.


  • Postoperative narrowing of the surgical anastomosis
  • Routine procedure following esophageal resection 


  • Enlarge space in the esophagus

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