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Scalp Cooling Treatment


Preparation for use of scalp cooling machine

Before the machine is turned on

  • Check that the plug is in the outlet and is connected.
  • Check the level of the fluid in the window on the back of the apparatus and fill if necessary.
  • Check that the tubes to the fluid are not twisted or broken.
  • Check that there is no visible leakage of cooling fluid.

When the machine is turned on

  • When the power is on, the light should be green.
  • Make sure that both tubes for the cooling fluid are connected to the recirculation ports.
  • Press PUMP ”on” when the left display shows a temperature of -4 °C to -5 °C.
  • Listen for the motor.
  • The temperature of the cooling fluid is shown on a designated thermometer.
  • When the right display shows HI and a sound alarm starts, push the MUTE button on the control panel. When only one arm is used, the available arm is connected to the machine.

After 15 minutes

  • The display will show a slow decreasing temperature.
  • When the left display shows -4 °C to -5 °C, and the right display shows lower than 5 °C, the system is ready for use. This may take from 1 hour to 90 minutes after PUMP "on" is pressed, depending on the temperature of the room.

Preparation of the patient

Choose the correct size of the cap (small, medium, large).

Recommended cooling times for common chemotherapy drugs
  Before After
30 minutes 1–1 ½ hour
Paclitaxel weekly 90 mg/m2 30 minutes 1 hour
Paclitaxel triweekly 175 mg/m2 30–45 minutes 1 ½ hour

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