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Vulvar cancer

Most cases of vulvar cancer are squamous epithelial carcinomas. Other histoll types such as ogicamalignant melanoma, cancer of Bartholin's gland and Paget's disease are rare. 

The female external genital anatomy includes the:


  • outer (major) labia
  • inner (minor) labia
  • perineum
  • pubic mound
  • vulval vestibule
  • Bartholin's glands
  • urethral opening 
  • clitoris


Vulvar cancer is rare. Approximately 0.3% of women will be diagnosed with vulvar cancer at some point during their lifetime. Vulvar cancer is most frequently diagnosed among women aged 75-84. In 2017, it is estimated to be 6,020 new cases of vulvar cancer in the United States (8).


Age-specific incidence of vulvar cancer, 2009–2013. 

Source: Cancer Registry of Norway



Incidence of vulvar cancer, 1975–2014. 

Source: National Cancer Institute. Bethesda, MD, USA

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