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Vulvar rinsing for vulvar cancer


Vulvar rinsing is a procedure performed by request of a gynecologist. It is used to relieve soreness and discharge associated with external radiation therapy, or routinely after a bowel movement on a vulvectomee.


  • Patients with advanced cancer with necrosis, tumor mass, or vaginal discharge. 
  • Patients receiving external radiation therapy to the vulva where there is soreness or soreness may occur. 
  • Patients susceptible to infection or having confirmed infection in the vulva.
  • Patients who otherwise could use a hand-held shower head, but who are not capable of self-care. 
  • After a bowel movement on a vulvectomee. 
  • Any other indication where gynecologist recommends vulvar rinsing. 


  • Prevent soreness and infections.
  • Keep tumor masses and sore surfaces as clean as possible.
  • Reduce odor and foul-smelling discharge.
  • Help the patient with daily hygiene when the patient is not capable.
  • Improve well-being for the patient.

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