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Surgery of laryngeal cancer

Partial resections

Small tumors

Surgical specimen from total laryngectomy. The larynx is opened posteriorly. Click to enlarge.

Microlaryngoscopy with resection with CO2 laser (10). Tumor is removed with adequate margin, if possible. The specimen is oriented before fixation and histopathological examination. 


The entire vocal cord(s) is(are) removed either endolaryngeally or by splitting the thyroid down the middle, opening the larynx and removing the vocal cord(s).


Vertical – the affected side is removed for definite unilateral lesions.

Horizontal – for some supraglottic tumors, a limited resection of the upper part of the larynx may be suitable.

Total laryngectomy – the entire larynx is removed. The patient will lose their voice and breathes through a tracheotomy.

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