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Postoperative radiation therapy for nose/sinuses


The risk of recurrence after surgery alone varies according to tumor localization.

Except for small tumors in selected locations, surgery must always be supplemented with radiation therapy. Radiation therapy targets the area of the tumor because there is often microscopic residual disease despite "free" resection margins evaluated by light microscopy. In addition, regional lymph nodes are irradiated either for manifest regional metastases or because of the primary tumor's localization, and/or the T stage suggests high probability for microscopic disease in regional lymph nodes.

The interval between surgery and radiation therapy should be as short as possible, preferably 3-4 weeks (<5 weeks).

The target volume and dose are adapted for each patient.


  • Cancer in the nose and sinuses


  • Postoperative radiation therapy to remove microscopic residual disease and to prevent and/or remove spreading to lymph nodes in the neck.  

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