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If tumor grows near the lower jaw with threatening infiltrations, it may be necessary to remove parts of the mandible. It is very important that the remaining lower jaw is well covered with tissue after the surgery due to the possibility of osteoradionecrosis after radiation therapy.

If the mandible cannot be covered with primary sutures of mucosa, a nasolabial flap is often used for coverage.  This means that skin and subcutaneous tissue flap is dissected from underlying facial muscles (1). A hole is made in the cheek to the mouth and the skin flap is pulled through and sutured to the edges of the mucosa . A free flap can also be used from the underarm.


  • Primary tumor situated near the mandible.


  • Resection of tumor


1. Refererence: Rökenes HK, Bretteville G, Lövdal O, Boysen M. The nasolabial skinflap in intraoral reconstruction. ORL J Otorhinolaryngol Realt Spec 1991; 53 (6): 346-8

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