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Cystoscopy with photodynamic diagnostics (PDD)


Hexaminolevulinate is a pharmaceutical product developed for diagnosing urothelial cancer in the bladder, and is used in combination with cystoscopy. An instillation of hexaminolevulinate before cystoscopy will identify changes in the urothelium by showing a change in color of the urothelium. This examination is called photodynamic diagnostics (PDD). 

There is very little toxicity associated with this substance.


  • Examination for superficial urothelial cancer of the bladder, especially for suspected cancer in situ in patients with confirmed or suspected urothelial cancer.
  • Monitoring of high risk patients
  • Support for TUR-B in special cases


  • Diagnostics (better sensitivity for detection of cancer in situ)
  • Monitoring (more accurate for detection of recurrence)
  • Support during treatment (TUR-B)

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