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Immunophenotyping with flow cytometry


Flow cytometry immunophenotyping is an important link in the evaluation and treatment assessment of lymphoma and leukemia. The test provides a quick and quantitative analysis of a cell population, cell line origin, stage of differentiation, maturition, and biological activity.   

Flow cytometry immunophenotying is a method for measuring physical and chemical properties of cells and particles in a stream of fluid. Within immunology, flow cytometry is more commonly used, since it can be used to classify different blood cells. DNA measurements are also used. Evaluation of results requires special knowledge and expertise.


  • Suspicion of lymphoma
  • Suspicion of leukemia
  • Response evaluation of treatment for lymphoma or leukemia


  • Confirm or exclude malignant disease
  • Be a contributing factor for determining which treatment plan the patient should follow. 
  • Diagnose disease recurrence

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