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Follow-up for patients after allogeneic stem cell transplantation


Before the transplantation, the patient will receive thorough information from a:

  • doctor 
  • nurse

The patient and family may also establish contact with a:

  • transplantation coordinator
  • social worker
  • dietician 
  • physical therapist
  • hospital priest

The patient will also be offered to talk to another patient who has previously undergone a stem cell transplantation.

If the patient has children, it is very important the school/health personnel are contacted and informed about the treatment and precautions which must be taken in connection with the treatment.


Work-up and treatment occurs at the section for blood diseases at Oslo University Hosptial and for some patient groups in collaboration with the Norwegian Radium Hospital.

The stay has 3 phases:

  • Examinations before the transplantation takes 2–3 days and usually occur 1-2 months before the transplantation. 
  • Bed rest associated with the transplantation is generally 4-8 weeks with myeloablative conditioning, sometimes much shorter for non-myeloablative. 
  • When isolation is no longer necessary, the patient is moved to another room at the department. The patient is then discharged but must stay at the patient hotel or other place in the Oslo region, or at home if the patient lives in the vicinity of the hospital. For the first period after the patient is discharged, the patient will have follow-up visits 2–3 times per week at the outpatient clinic.  
  • Later follow-up occurs in close dialog with the patient's regional health clinic or local hospital. 

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