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Radiation therapy of eye for malignant lymphoma


Malignant lymphomas in the eye originate from the eyelid, lacrimal gland, conjunctiva, or retroorbital structures. Histologically, these are often MALT lymphomas with histologies resembling marginal zone lymphoma. 


Curative radiotherapy

  • Marginal zone lymphomas are often localized lymphomas in stage PeI, and are candidates for curative radiation therapy alone.  
  • Aggressive lymphomas (DLBCL, Burkitt's lymphoma, NK/T cell lymphoma) occur usually as more advanved disease in the ENT area with invasion into the eye. For these types, consolidative radiation therapy after chemotherapy is often given. Depending on the degree that bone structures are involved, tumor volume before chemotherapy may be decisive for field modeling.
  • Intraocular lymphomas are usually histologically DLBCL, occuring as part of PCNSL and treated as such. If radiotherapy is given as part of multimodal therapy, the eye should be included and usually bilaterally. 

Palliative radiotherapy

  • For palliative radiotherapy, the method will follow guidelines for curative radiotherapy with individual modifications. 

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