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Radiation therapy for mesenterial lymph nodes for malignant lymphoma


  • The patient lies supine with their arms by their side.
  • Sperm banking for men and possibly freezing of ovarian tissue or operative elevating or fixing of the ovaries (ovariopexy) in girls/women is considered.
  • Gonadal shielding may be necessary. In male patients, there must be sufficient spread between the legs to place a shield (gonadal block or lead belt).
  • If there is uncertainty of the patient's kidney function, GFR with renography should be done before simulation. 
  • To localize the kidneys during simulation, intravenous urography is performed. Evaluation of the amount of kidney included in the field that will necessitate changes to the fields after, for example 18–20 Gy can then be done.
  • The need for marking the biopsy scar/palpable findings with marking thread should be considered.

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