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Radiation therapy for the nose and sinuses for malignant lymphoma



Lymphomas in this area are often aggressive lymphomas such as DLBCL, NK/T cell lymphomas, and Burkitt's lymphoma. NK/T cell lymphomas as a group are rare, but have a predilection for this localization. Tumors often have a locally aggressive growth pattern with infiltration of bone in surrounding structures (eye, skull with possible intracranial growth, oral cavity, skin). As for aggressive lymphomas in general, they are normally treated with chemotherapy initially according to histology, stage, and risk profile. Aggressive lymphomas in this localization lead to a higher risk for CNS manifestations and CNS-directed treatment/prophylaxis is often indicated. 

Curative radiation therapy

  • Radiation therapy is given as consolidative after chemotherapy regardless of histology and should always be considered if there is involvement of bone and/or there is residual tumor after chemotherapy.

Palliative radiation therapy

  • As palliative radiation therapy, the method is based on guidelines for curative treatment with individual modifications.


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