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Radiotherapy of parotid gland and submandibula for malignant lymphoma



Indolent lymphomas are often present in the salivary glands usually in the form of marginal lesion lymphoma. These lymphomas with underlying Sjøgrens syndrome. Locoregional confined disease is common. Aggressive lymphomas are also observed, but Hodgkin's lymphoma in salivary glands is very rare. 

Curative radiation therapy

  • For localized indolent lymphomas (stage PeI-PeII1), radiation therapy alone is given with the intention of curing the disease. 

  • For localized lymphomas with aggressive histologies (stadium PeI-PeII1), radiation therapy is given as part of curative treatment after chemotherapy (3-6 CHOP-based cycles or equivalent).

  • For residual tumor from aggressive lymphomas after full chemotherapy (6-8 CHOP-based cycles or equivalent), consolidated radiotherapy to the residual tumor with margin is considered. 

Palliative radiation therapy

  • For palliative radiation therapy, guidelines are usually the same as for curative therapy but are adapted individually. 

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