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Utskriftsdato 4.7.2020

Symptoms of malignant melanoma

Characteristics of malignant melanoma are:

  • growth - diameter often more than 6 mm
  • two-tone color 
  • asymmetrical shape, uneven coloration, and irregular borders

In some cases, melanoma will:

  • itch 
  • bleed or cause sores 

Examples of moles with uneven color and black areas, uneven surface and irregular borders:

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Malignant melanoma in the nose/sinuses may cause symptoms such as:

  • nose bleeding
  • unilateral nasal obstruction
  • double vision
  • proptosis
  • facial pain

Malignant melanoma in the mouth may cause symptoms such as:

  • pigmented lesions
  • changes in fit of dentures
  • ulceration

In the eye, a melanoma may cause: 

  • blurry vision in one eye
  • distorted field of vision
  • pressure in the eye
  • pain

The symptoms depend to a large degree on the localization. There may be no symptoms.