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Flap reconstruction


Free flap

A free flap reconstruction can be technically difficult and the operation time can vary from 6 to 12 hours.

  • The flap is dissected from the surrounding tissue, with at least one artery and vein intact.
  • One artery and vein in the recipient location is marked.
  • The vein and artery of the flap are ligated and the vessels divided.
  • The blood vessels of the flap and recipient location are anastomosed using microsurgery.
  • The flap is sutured to the area to be covered.
  • The donor area can usually be directly sutured.

Rotation flap

  • The flap is isolated with intact blood supply.
  • The flap is rotated directly, or through a tunnel under the skin, to the recipient location.
  • The flap is sutured to the desired location.

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