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Isolated limb perfusion (ILP) for malignant melanoma


Isolated limb perfusion (ILP) is a treatment in which the blood circulation is isolated in an extremity providing local treatment with chemotherapy using a heart/lung maching. The purpose is to give large doses of tumor-toxic medications which are 15- to 20-fold higher than can be given by systemic treatment. The treatment provides an increased cytostatic effect on the tumor with minimal systemic exposure.  

Today, ILP is an established treatment method for regionally advanced malignant melanoma and for advanced soft tissue sarcoma limited to an extremity. In most cases, the treatment leads to complete remission of the tumor. In some cases, ILP leads to partial remission or stabilization of the illness.

In Norway, this treatment is centralized to Oslo University Hospital. 


Malignant melanoma:

  • For locoregional spreading and in-transit metastases which can no longer be treated by local excision
  • To avoid amputation 


  • Curative treatment 
  • Palliation

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