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How to use Oncolex

Oncolex is a comprehensive online encyclopedia for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Here, you can read about the site and how to use it. 

Cancer types

All procedures and chapters on Oncolex are organized by cancer type. You can choose cancer types in the left menu on the homepage. This menu is also available at the top of all pages.

Chapters for each cancer type include:

  • Background information (etiology, histology, staging, metastatic patterns, symptoms, differential diagnoses, and prognosis).
  • Detailed information about diagnostic procedures, treatment, and follow-up
  • Photos, video and animations


To find a specific procedure, you don't have to navigate via the cancer type menu. There are three ways to search for procedures in Oncolex:

Procedure search

By using the procedure search, you can search among all of the procedures in Oncolex.

If the procedure you searched for is used for multiple cancer types, you can choose which cancer type you would like to read about.

The procedure search is available on the homepage and in the top menu of all pages.

Filtered procedure search

In the filtered procedure search, you can choose to search for all procedures associated with a specific cancer type. You can also narrow the search by procedure type (diagnostic, surgery, radiation therapy, and supportive care). The filtered procedure search is available on the homepage.

Code search

In the code search field, you can search for procedures tied to a specific ICD-10, NCSP, or NCMP code. You only need to know the first two characters of the code to search.

The code search is also available on the homepage.

Free text search

A free text search is also available for the entire website at the bottom right of all pages.


An index of all procedres on Oncolex is available via the top menu of all pages. The procedures are listed according to which cancer type they are used for.


The procedures and articles in Oncolex are richly illustrated with illustrations, photographs, video, and animations. 

To take full advantage of this and to view video and animations, you must install the latest version of Flashplayer on your computer. Flashplayer can be downloaded here... 

If you are connected to a hospital network, there may be restrictions for downloading and installation of software and plugins. If this is the case, contact your system administrator.

In some of the procedures, icons appear in text for images and videos or animations.  

/upload/ikoner tekst/oncikon_foto.gif Image or series of images
/upload/ikoner tekst/oncikon_video_mo.gif Video or animation

If you click on the icon, the illustration will open in a new window. 

Illustration gallery

All illustrations and videos in a procedure are also sometimes available in the overhead in the right menu. By clicking on one of the thumbnails, a larger format will open in a new window.

The image may be marked with these icons:  

/upload/ikoner tekst/oncikon_bildeserie_o.gif Animation
/upload/ikoner tekst/oncikon_bildeserie_blk.gif Image series

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