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  • Before total colonoscopy premedication with intravenous analgesics and possibly sedation are usually administered.
  • The patient is located in a left lateral position.
  • The anal canal is lubricated and palpated with a finger to ensure that the canal is open.
  • The coloscope is being inserted and it is attempted to use as little air as possible during insertion to minimize discomfort.
  • As the scope is inserted upwards the patient turns into a supine position, possibly another position.
  • If there is difficulties during the insertion the assistant will "stabilize" the intestine by holding his hands on the patient´s stomach.
  • If the patient experiences the examination as painful, more medications are administered.
  • The scope is rapidly, but gently inserted to the cecum, possibly into the terminal ileum. Then more air is filled in and the scope is slowly pulled down while all parts of the intestine are being visualized.
  • Any lesions are being biopsied, or possibly removed.

The examination lasts for about 15 - 60 minutes.

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