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Distal pancreatectomy (body and tail)


  • The most common complication is leakage from the remainder of the pancreas. This is monitored by measuring amylase from the drain. A fistula is a complication which occurs when there is lasting production of larger fluid volumes with high levels of amylase from the drain. These usually close spontaneously over time (weeks to months). In some cases, the fluid production from the fistula can be reduced with octreotide analog drugs.
  • In uncomplicated cases, the patient may return home after about 5 days. If a fistula forms, the patient may return home with a drain installed.
  • The sutures are removed 2 weeks after the operation. 
  • Exocrine insufficiency can occur. This is treated with pancreatic enzymes in tablet form. In certain cases where large parts of the pancreas are removed, there is a small risk for developing diabetes. In this case, the patient will be dependent on insulin. 

Further follow-up is determined based on the histology.

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