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Ultrasound-guided histological biopsy from the prostate


Biopsy of the prostate is performed to diagnose prostate cancer and to assess the extent and localization of the tumor.

To determine the T-stage, a histological biopsy is included in addition to digital rectal exploration (DRE), transrectal ultrasound (TRUS). The tumor type (Gleason score) is assessed by the pathologist based on the biopsy material.

The biopsy is usually taken transrectally with local anesthesia. In special cases, perineal biopsies are done under short general anesthesia.


  • Palpable finding by DRE  
  • Normal DRE and TRUS, but raised serum-PSA (<3-4 ng/ml)



  • to confirm prostate cancer.
  • to determine T-stage.

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