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Follow-up care after treatment of prostate cancer


Control after 6 weeks where the patient is informed about the histological results. Based on the histology, further follow-up of the disease is planned.

  • If a favourable histology and postoperative PSA decrease to unmeasurable levels, the patient will be observed by the patient`s regular doctor with semiannual PSA measurements. Patients are referred back to the urologist if PSA levels rise. 
  • If unfavourable histological result, the patient will be followed up by an urologist with a customized program depending on the stage of the disease. 

Radiation therapy

For brachytherapy

  • Follow up at Oslo University Hospital after 3 months and after 1 year
  • PSA testing every six months

For external radiation therapy

  • Follow up after 3 months at local hospital/local doctor 
  • Follow up at Oslo University Hospital after 1 year
  • PSA testing every 6 months


The most frequent complications after treatment of prostate cancer is urine leakage and erectile dysfunction.

Urine leakage

  • The patient is given a standardized training schedule with pelvic floor exercises.
  • Patients with significant incontinence problems is referred to an urodynamic work-up and assessment for incontinence treatment.
  • If urinary incontinence persists, the patient will be evaluated for possible surgery with sling or artificial urinary sphincter.

Erectile dysfunction

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