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Follow-up care after treatment of soft tissue sarcoma of the abdomen and pelvis

Despite adequate surgery, local relapse or intraperitoneal metastases occur in > 50% of patients with a high-grade malignant tumor, and >30% of patients with low-grade malignant tumors. In most cases of high-grade malignant sarcomas, relapse is diagnosed within 2 years. For low-grade malignancy, relapse can occur many years later and not uncommonly 5-10 years after primary treatment.

Patients are followed up at a sarcoma center for 10 years with and examined every 6 months for the first 5 years and annually for the last 5 years.

Examinations performed are:

  • Clinical examination
  • CT of abdomen and pelvis
  • Chest X-ray

Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can cause delayed reactions of different character. The seriousness depends on the type of treatment and individual tolerance.

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