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Excision of retroperitoneal sarcoma


Surgery is the only curative treatment of retroperitoneal sarcoma and the prerequisite is complete resection with negative microscopic margins. A successful procedure is dependent on good planning.

Retroperitoneal sarcomas are often diagnosed late and are therefore often large at the time of diagnosis. Because of this, tumors often have a close relation to a number of neighboring organs and structures. In order to achieve the goal of resecting the tumor with negative margins, tumors must often be resected with neighboring organs.

Retroperitoneal sarcomas can occasionally have close relations to, and originate from vital vascular structures such as the vena cava and the descending aorta. The possibility of resection of vital structures and/or organs defines operability.


  • Sarcoma in the retroperitoneum


  • Cure the disease
  • Palliation

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