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Staging of bone sarcoma

The Enneking system is one of many systems used to divide bone sarcoma into different stages. The system is based on 3 criteria:

Tumor grade - based on histological examination (G):

  • low-grade malignant (G1)
  • high-grade malignant (G2)
Local tumor spreading (T):
  • intracompartmental - no growth into surrounding structures (T1)
  • extracompartmental - growth into surrounding structures (T2)
Metastases (M):
  • no metastases (M0)
  • any metastases (M1)
The three criteria lead up to a stage distribution I-III with the subgroups A and B. 
Enneking  system
Grade  Tumor Metastases Stage
G1 T1 M0 IA
G1 T2 M0 IB
G2 T1 M0 IIA
G2 T2 M0 IIB
G1 eller G2 T1 M1 IIIA
G1 eller G2 T2 M1 IIIB

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