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CT-guided biopsy for suspicion of bone sarcoma


CT-guided biopsy is a precise and gentle way of obtaining representative specimens when there is suspicion of bone sarcoma. The technique has high diagnostic precision, sensitivity, and specificity with regards to malignancy.

For CT-guided biopsy, a cytologist is present to immediately judge the quality of the material either as an aspirate or imprint. It may also be possible to secure material for supplementary examinations such as flow cytometry. Usually, it is important to remove unfixed biopsy material for cytogenetic analysis and genetic investigations.

The CT-guided biopsy should be planned to enable the biopsy canal can be removed within the surgical resection of the specimen.


  • Lesion in the bone suspect of sarcoma.


  • Obtain representative material of the lesion in order to make a cytological or histological diagnosis.

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