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Radiation treatment for soft tissue sarcoma in extremity


Radiation treatment for high-grade malignant soft tissue sarcomas (grade III and IV) is administered to optimize local tumor control.

Some patients with high-grade malignant soft tissue sarcoma follow a protocol under testing (SSG XX) with hyperfractionated radiation treatment in addition to chemotherapy.

In some cases of low-grade malignant soft tissue sarcoma (grade I and II), radiation treatment is administered when a possible recurrence will cause a mutilating operation, for example amputation.

Palliative radiation therapy is administered to reduce symptoms from inoperable metastases.


Radiation treatment for soft tissue sarcoma is assessed on an individual basis:

  • For inadequate surgery, marginal or intralesional operation, independent tumor depth, where reoperation is not possible
  • For deep extramuscular and intramuscular tumors > 5 cm, independent of surgical margins (also for wide margins)
  • After surgery for local relapse
  • After initial surgery at non-sarcoma center, regardless of margin
  • To avoid a mutilating operation
  • For symptom-causing metastases


  • Cure the disease
  • Palliation

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