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Follow-up care after treatment of skin cancer (non-melanoma)

After the first check (6–8 weeks), certain patients will be checked regularly 2–3 times annually. These are patients who:

  • are immunosupressed after organ transplantation or other immunosuppressing treatment
  • have hereditary skin cancer 
  • have skin type 1–2 and have been exposed to a lifetime sun exposure
  • have been exposed to arsenic or other carcinogenic treatment as a child

Patients are encouraged to observe their skin and contact a doctor if any of the following occurs: 

  • skin changes
  • sores which bleed easily
  • lumps
  • pigment changes
  • sores which do not heal
  • red, scaly skin

Side Effects

Side effects depend on the extent of the disease and may include:

  • Skin
    • scarring
    • pigment changes 
    • tissue defects
  • Node Dissection
    • lymphedema
    • reduced function 
    • circulation disturbances

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