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Utskriftsdato 13.12.2019

Differential diagnoses of stomach cancer

Benign conditions

  • Dyspepsia due to gastritis/duodenitis, benign ulcer in the upper intestinal tract.
  • Gastro-esophageal reflux with esophagitis.
  • Back pain due to chronic pancreatitis or muscle/bone disease.
  • Anemia from malabsorption, chronic cholitis, diverticulitis (colon), arteriovenous malformations, chronic bleeding from benign ulcer, Meckel's diverticulitis (rare).
  • Stomach retention may be due to distal ulcer with stenosis.
  • Advanced esophagitis with stenosis and retention.
  • Ascites due to liver cirrhosis or portovenous thrombosis.

Malignant conditions

  • Epigastric pain due to colon cancer (transverse colon) or pancreas.
  • Anemia without other symptoms due to right-sided colon cancer.
  • Ascites may be due to peritoneal carcinosis from other form of cancer.