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Self-expanding stent in the upper GI tract


Installation of a stent is performed on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

The patient must:

  • inform the health personnel if they have a known heart valve defect. If so, the patient will be administered a prophylaxis for endocarditis.
  • inform the health personnel if they are treated with insulin.
  • Inform the health personnel if they are treated with an anticoagulant or arthritis medications. These should be stopped 5 days before the procedure. 
  • take an X-ray and EKG if he/she is > 60 years and/or has heart disease 

Before stent installation:

  • Fast for the last 6 hours before the operation 

The day of stent installation

  • Premedication is administered.
  • The patient lies in the supine position on the examination table.
  • Dentures are removed. 
  • A local anesthetic is sprayed in the throat. This will take effect immediately.
  • The patient is placed under general anesthesia.

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